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Precautions for installation and debugging of CNC system

The connection of the signal cable of the CNC system of the CNC lathe includes the connection between the CNC device and the MDI/CRT unit, the machine tool control panel, the electrical cabinet, the feed servo unit, the spindle servo unit, the feedback signal line of the detection device, etc. These connections must conform to the connection provided. the provisions of the manual. When installing and debugging the CNC system, pay attention to:

  1. The connection of the ground wire of the CNC lathe is very important. Good grounding is not only very important for the safety of equipment and people, but also reduces electrical interference and ensures the normal operation of the machine tool. The ground wire generally adopts the radiation grounding method, that is, the signal ground, frame ground, machine ground, etc. in the electrical cabinet of the CNC system are connected to the common grounding point, and the common grounding point is then connected to the earth. The grounding cable between the CNC system electrical cabinet and the strong current cabinet should be thick enough.
  2. Before the machine tool is powered on, according to the circuit diagram and the circuit connection of each module, check the connection of the circuit and each component in turn. Focus on checking the primary and secondary of the transformer; the wiring of the switching power supply; the wiring positions of the coils and contacts of the relays and contactors.
  3. Before the CNC lathe is powered on, use the phase sequence table to check whether the phase sequence of the power line introduced by the three-phase main switch is correct, and disconnect the servo motor from the mechanical load, otherwise once the phase sequence of the servo motor power line is wrong, it will If there is a “flying car” fault, it is very easy to cause mechanical collision and damage the machine tool. Be prepared to press the emergency stop button while turning on the power.
  4. If it is normal, the NC can be started, and the phenomenon of the numerical control system can be observed. After everything is normal, you can enter the machine tool system parameters, servo system parameters, and transfer the PLC program. Turn off the machine tool, then connect the servo motor to the mechanical load for mechanical and electrical joint debugging.
  5. If no problem is found in the electrical inspection, the power-on detection should be carried out in the following order: turn on the main switch of the three-wire power supply, check whether the power supply is normal, the power indicator light, and observe the voltmeter. Turn on each circuit breaker in turn and check the voltage. Check the switching power supply, that is, the input and output voltage of AC 220V to DC 24V. If a problem is found, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the next test until it is solved.
  6. In the case of power failure, the following tests are carried out: measurement of three-phase power supply to ground resistance, measurement of phase-to-phase resistance; measurement of single-phase power supply to ground resistance. Ground resistance of 24V DC power supply, measurement of two-pole resistance. If a problem is found, the power-on test of the machine tool is strictly prohibited until it is solved.