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Let you know about metal corrosion etching

Metal corrosion processing is a process that can not only improve chemical etching efficiency, but also reduce processing costs! By making the required pattern plate-making metal film, the stainless steel material is roller-coated with photosensitive ink, and the required pattern image is transferred to the stainless steel material using an exposure machine and a developer. Then, the metal is corroded by a high-concentration acid of ferric chloride. The part protected by the photosensitive ink will be retained, and the unprotected part will be corroded. After the last process, the photosensitive ink will be degraded.

The advent of the metal corrosion processing technology has caused a sensation in the metal processing field and made up for the shortcomings of traditional processing technology. For example, stamping processing with high precision and thin materials cannot be completed, deformation will occur, and laser etching will produce burrs and burning sensation on the surface. Metal corrosion processing can well solve the shortcomings of the above two processes and provide a good reference for other industries. The technical application field of metal corrosion processing is very wide. The rapid development of the integrated circuit industry is also inseparable from the continuous improvement of metal corrosion processing. PCBA solutions all use the same processing methods. There are products made by metal corrosion processing technology in the fields of electronic products, automotive industry, aerospace, medical equipment, etc., such as alarm filter mesh, insect net, car filter net, car horn net, and human bone titanium material in medical equipment.

The emergence of metal corrosion Selective Etching technology not only brings us more efficient and lower-cost methods, but also allows us to see the future development direction of industrial technology. I believe that in the near future, we will see more such technologies coming out, driving the continuous progress of industry.